Ticwatch E Review

Ticwatch E review.  The Tikwatch E comes in a great colourful tin that made it even more exciting to open.  The smartwatch was very tightly packaged and came with a charger cable, the smartwatch and an instruction book.

Ticwatch E Review

The Ticwatch E looks very basic when it comes to smartwatches as it has no shiny bezel and a black face.  It is also not exactly slim and it is made of a polycarbonate shell and overall it is very plain Jane.  The smartwatch is very comfortable to wear and the strap is customizable with a 20mm watch strap, which is a good thing.

TicWatch E Bluetooth Smart Watch

There is also a single button on the left of the watch which acts as the home button.  This smartwatch is very simple, but don’t think that plain means bad quality as that will be wrong thinking.  On the back of the watch is a heart rate sensor.

Ticwatch E Review

Animations and navigating the UI is very smooth and the graphics are all great and there was no lag at all.  Almost all the interactions on the Ticwatch E will be done via the touch screen.  The user experience is all very clean and it is very easy to navigate through all the features.

You will almost forget that you have a smartwatch on and this watch does not stand out or look out of place.  The smartwatch can almost be worn with any outfit as black suits most other colors.  If you want to change the colors you can easily change the strap to something else.

The Ticwatch E is very lightweight and does not weigh your arm down at all making this a good watch to use when running or gyming.


To use the Ticwatch to it is full you will need to download the Ticwatch E app from Play store.  To connect please go through the following steps:

  1. Search for Android Wear APP.
  2. Download the APP.
  3. Once the APP is downloaded please open the APP and click on add a new watch on the top left-hand side of the screen.
  4. The APP will then run and search for Bluetooth connectivity from the watch.
  5. On the Ticwatch you will see that a message appears saying: In android wear, connect to this watch name: Ticwatch E0980.
  6. Select the name on your android phone that reflects the same smartwatch model.
  7. The Android APP will say that it is connecting.
  8. Once you are connected please add your Google info onto your phone to connect your Google information.


When the APP is the setup you will notice that you will have a new smartwatch face that appears.  You can then choose from a number of different smartwatch faces from your android phone.  On the APP there are a number of different settings that you can change like silencing the phone while connected to the smartwatch.

Other settings and features include:

  • Always on screen (on/off) – if you turn this on you will see a watch face that always stays one.  Looks similar to a regular watch.
  • Tilt to wake up (on/off) – this lights up the screen once the smartwatch is tilted in any direction.
  • Accounts – this is where the Google accounts are.
  • Watch battery – this gets information from the smartwatch regarding the usage of the battery.
  • Watch storage – this will show you all the smartwatch’s memory storage available and usage.  The storage available is about 2.34 GB
  • Watch app data usage- this will show you the sizes of each APP available on the smartwatch.
  • Resync APPS – this will unpair all the APPS from your smartwatch.  This will basically do a factory reset of the watch back to the original condition as purchased.
  • Calendar – this is where all your calendars will be available to view.
  • Block APPS – this is where you can block your smartwatch from using certain APP for whatever reason.
  • Privacy and personal date – this is where you can sync your cloud to your smartwatch.
  • Google assistant


Once you have set up your smartwatch to your android phone you will be directed by the smartwatch to swipe up to get started.  This will go through all the main features of the smartwatch.  Swiping down on the screen will take you to the settings of the Ticwatch E smartwatch.

Under these settings, you can silent your smartwatch, adjust the brightness.  You can enable a do not disturb and or you can go through to the main settings of the smartwatch.  The overall setting includes:

  • Display – here you can change the smartwatch face; adjust the brightness; change the font size or you can enable always on screen.
  • Sound and notifications – here you can adjust the media volume; alarm volume; ringtone volume.  Also, vibrate for calls; watch ringtones; notifications preview.

THE TICWATCH APPS – Ticwatch E Review

  • Contacts – this APP pulls all your contacts from your Google account.
  • Find my phone – this will help you find your cell phone if you have misplaced it.
  • Fit – Google fit, here you can choose the different types of exercises.  All this info is linked to your Google fitness.
  • Fit Workout
  • Fitness – here you can do different runs, walks or cycling via GPS or not.  This will give you heart rate, your pace, and other information.  Information from this app does not transfer to the phone.
  • Flashlight – this will make your screen come light and will act as a light.
  • Health – this is an activity of all you have done like your steps, distance, exercise minutes, active hours -this APP will promptly remind you to get up and do stuff.
  • Heart rate – this APP measures your heart rate from sensors at the back of the smartwatch.
  • Phone – this is if you going to make calls from your smartwatch.
  • Play store – this is the same play store as the normal one but is designed for a smartwatch.
  • Reminders – here you can set up reminders
  • Step ranking – this shows your steps rankings for each day and compares them.
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • Google translate
  • Weather
  • Google – your feed


On previous Ticwatches like the Ticwatch 2, the watch bands have been unchangeable because of the GPS chip that was in them.  The Ticwatch E allows you to change the bands and even take them off making the Ticwatch E a pocket watch.  The bandwidth is 19.6mm in width and while we measuring, the thickness of the watch is 13.5mm.

Ticwatch E Review


The Ticwatch E has a water-resistant rating of IP67 which means it can go underwater up to 1 meter or 3.3 feet for 30 minutes.


The Ticwatch E costs $159.99 on Amazon, this is really a good price especially for all the GREAT apps and features this smartwatch has.

IN CONCLUSION – Ticwatch E Review

The Ticwatch 2 is an amazing smartwatch.  This watch comes with all the features and whistles you will ever need in a smartwatch.  The design is great, the software that runs on the smartwatch works very well.  I would highly recommend this smartwatch for you or if you giving it to someone as a present.

This smartwatch will even qualify as a fitness watch as it has loads of different fitness features that all connects up to Google fitness.  There is nothing that feels cheap about this and would rank up there with my best.


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