How Smart Watches Measure Blood Pressure


In a world where 73 million people struggle from hypertension which leads to heart attacks and strokes, what could be easier and more convenient than reading your blood pressure off your wrist.

According to Techtastic most blood pressure smart watches can measure blood pressure by using a light source and light receiver to analyse the bloodstream of the user.   The light monitors your blood pressure by shining it through your radial artery on your wrist.

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This all sounds very hi-tech and confusing but using a smart watch to measure blood pressure changes the game on loads of levels.  Imagine a world where we can rely on a watch to check all our vitals.  Technology like this really shows us the the future is open to all ideas.




Omron readies blood pressure smartwatch

This smart watch is Omron’s first project zero, a 2.0 wrist blood pressure monitor.  It is the first wearable blood pressure monitor in the world that uses the exact same technology that is already cleared by the FDA.  It is the same technology Omron has been using on their blood pressure monitors for the past 40 years.

They just found a way to miniaturise it down into something you can wear on your wrist.  The watch takes reading at the press of a button.  Automatic reading also get done throughout the night.  This is the most important feature as most heart attacks happen in the morning.

All data is sent to the watches app that can be sent off to your doctor.


If you look underneath it actually has a cup just like you would find in your doctor’s office but miniaturised down to fit inside of a watch band.  A pump in the valve inflates and that is how it take the blood pressure.
To make sure the pressure is forced onto your wrist they put stainless steel threads into the bad so that the band could stretch and expand.  Looking at the watch itself, it looks like a normal watch, you can feel quality in the heaviness and the rubber has a proper rubber texture.
To get your reading you need to put the watch over your heart. Within a few seconds you can feel it starting to inflate and then it starts reading your blood pressure.



This is the first health tracker which has a blood pressure monitor and it’s got the pedometer oximetry heart rate mileage.  The rubber is not smooth but feels like great quality.  On the back you have the charging port and the sensors used for monitoring the blood pressure and heart monitor.
It pairs easily with the Iphone with the help of the cable that comes in the box.  The screen has a touch sensor and touching the screen turns the watch on.  The heart rate and blood pressure reading look pretty accurate.


  • Flip your wrist and the screen will be bright. Shake your arm and you can take photos, so that the self-portraits more conveniently. Set this function manually by APP.
  • Durable TPU material, brings a comfortable experience when you exercise sweat, sleep , OLED display screen with touch button control, waterproof and dustproof design under the degree of IP67,The fine craft make the band easy to take on & off by Stainless Steel Metal Buckle.
  • Wear tightly. The bracelet green light emitting position close to the skin, the distance between the two is not greater than 5mm. Sit motionless. Intense exercise can cause rapid changes in heart rate, leading to a lack of heart rate. Horizontal placement. Sit and place your hands on the table, your hands should be elevated above your heart, and your blood flow pressure is similar to your heart. It’s more reliable to measure your heart rate.
  • Daily status Monitor: the device will automatically measures the present blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, calories, steps in the sharp hour. You can also manually measure the data by APP, when the bracelet switched to the specific mode, the device will automatically start measuring. If you do not want to measure, please continue switching. The Heart rate, BP, SpO2 can be measured by manually or automatically through bracelet or APP. We have to waiting for 60 seconds of measurement time.Our company has upgraded the app version in November 8, 2017, which fixes some known errors and makes it easier for customers to use. We suggest customer scan the QR code in the manual to download APP
I am very impressed with the APP, it is all in English and is very easy to use.


The B15 Bracelet user guide comes in Chinese with English on the other side.  This bracelets user guide says the main features are that it can read your blood pressure and read your heart rate.  Other features include a built in pedometer and you can see your notifications that come from your phone.

It can also monitor your sleep and you can also use it as an alarm.  The charger is very straight forward, looks like any other USB charger.

If you looking to get into fitness this might be a very nice entry level fitness tracker to start with.  Your phone will need to have the app installed.  The name of the APP is called H Band, the APP is very user friendly and the connection is done easily.  The full setup instructions are in the little user guide.

The watches blood pressure monitor works by using the light behind the watch scans down on your arm.  There is no inflation associated with a blood pressure monitor.  The watch also allows you to receive notifications for Whatsapp, Wechat and QQ.

After testing this Fitness Watch blood pressure monitor we could see that the BP number did not correspond with a medical Blood Pressure Monitor.

We therefore do not recommend it for Blood Pressure Monitoring as it could give you false readings.

False blood pressure reading could bad for someone who has hypertension.



Please always test a smart watches blood pressure readings to make sure they are 100% accurate.  Most entry level fitness trackers or smart watches will not have a fully working Blood Pressure Monitor.
The other thing to consider is that most Fitness trackers will most probably use the Blood Pressure Monitor feature as a selling point.
There will be nothing more disappointing than purchasing a device only to find out that it actually does not work as specified. This also posts as a health threat as the user might think the readings are correct when it is actually wrong.
This can endanger lives.


The OMRON PROJECT ZERO 2.0 would be your best bet if you are looking for a proper Blood Pressure reader.
The OMRON PROJECT ZERO 2.0 will be called the Omron Heartguide and will come out later this year (2019).
The release is pending the approval from the FDA which just shows you how serious they are about getting all their ducks in a row.
This watch is a serious health monitor and will probably be used and prescribed by doctors to their Patients.

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